Johansen Black Herefords!

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Welcome to Jo Bulls! The ranch is operated by Scott Johansen and his son, Brock Johansen. We are located in what is designated as Southeastern Utah in Castle Dale.





It is a true working ranch, the cows range for eight months of the year. In the Fall and Winter the cows range on the San Rafael Swell on BLM and private ground. Castle Dale only gets an average of 7 inches of precipitation each year, so the cows have to be able to travel for food and water. These harsh environments create a natural culling process.




Black Herefords on our BLM Permit.

Black Herefords on our BLM Permit.

In the Summer the cows range on Forest and private land in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The range reaches approximately 10,600 feet, and the lower ranch is at 5,700 feet above sea level, so the cattle have adapted to high elevations. Again, the cattle must be able to travel and forage. The cattle drive to the summer range is approximately 25 miles, and takes three days.


Pushing Cows on the Forest.

Pushing Cows on the Forest.


 Our goal is to create cattle that can thrive in harsh environments. Many of our buyers run cows on similar ranges, and we have selected cattle that will be beneficial to those cattlemen. 

Traditionally our cattle were Line 1 red Herefords. This breeding has produced a lot of maternal traits in our cattle. One of the most influential sires in our herd is CL 1 Domino 9126J. We have over 35 cows in production that trace back to that sire. To replace the horns, we introduced some polled cattle. Most of these cattle trace back to Feltons 517 or Remitall Boomer 46B. We are trying to breed consistency by using genetics from those three main foundation sires. For example, our Empire and Lightning bulls trace back to Feltons 517; and our Boom bull traces back to Remitall Boomer 46B. 


Donor Cow 010 (Diamond L1 Bred).

Donor Cow 010 (Diamond L1 Bred).

Donor Cow - 9405 - At 10 Years Old!

Donor Cow – 9405 – At 10 Years Old!

We are not attempting to just turn the Hereford breed black, but are in the process of creating a better black Hereford. 


Jo Bulls, LLC, is a member of the American Black Hereford Association (ABHA). We have formed the “International Black Hereford Association” ™ to help promote the breed of cattle across the world. We believe in the breed that much and think the ABHA will continue to grow. We have actually reserved the DBA, reserved the domains, and filed for a trademark. We have our first international ranch visit happening this June. Some ranchers from Australia are going to visit our ranch, and we are hoping to help start the breed in Australia. While we are loyal ABHA members, there has to be an organization or classification for Black Hereford breeders in other countries.




We branded and vaccinated our calves today and also vaccinated the entire mother cow herd. It was a long day, but we all had fun. The only mishap was Allison leaned against a branding iron and lit her coat on fire. I was able to get it out before she was burned, but it got everyone excited.

The calves look really good this year. I know the Empire, 680 and Money Train calves will do well based upon prior years. It is nice to see the thickness of the Lightning calves, and the Boom calves have great frames. We also have nice Sensation, Online, Trust, Z80, and Revolution calves this year.

In general we use the calf table, but sometimes one slips out and we have to do it the old fashion way of roping and throwing the calf down. It is all fun.

Yesterday we finally got our last calvy cow home. We hauled a load of late calvers back out on the BLM. We also had Easter lunch out on the desert and had an egg hunt and then an egg fight. It was fun. (5 photos) ...

We had some of our family come and visit, so we decided to take them for a ride out on the BLM permit. We have been looking for a cow for three months, and finally found her. She had a nice heifer calf on her side that looked to be about 1.5 months old. The cow was in great shape. I think everyone had fun. (6 photos) ...